Aleksei K.Dudoladov

D.O.B. 29.04.1962

Tel. (mob.) +7-903-771-0010, (office) +7-495-505-9730 , 800-505-0993

Moscow, Russia

Over 13 years of experience as a Software Developer/Technical Writer primarily  in telecommunications, DBMS and RAD technologies such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, CASE Silverrun RDM/BPM, 4GL Visual Basic and JAM. More than 5 years experience in C programming under DOS. Very strong in development of DBMS applications. Has extensive experience with Windows, UNIX, Intelligent  Network Platform and Mac OS.

OBJECTIVE:  Software Engineer in Development, Programmer, System Analyst, Software Technical Support Engineer, Software Test Engineer, Technical Interpreter to Russian, Information Technologies related positions

EDUCATION: Moscow State University, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty, Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics (1984)

One year special course in Financial academy of RF, Diploma of Professional valuer (2006)  

1. Course "UNIX and data communication systems" - 1995, Moscow
2. Accredited course DSDM Aware version 2 - 1996, Moscow

16.02.96 - Certificate of DSDM (Dynamic Systems Development Method) training course devoted to the Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology.

June  1998 - Present Time
As a Leading System Programmer, develop scenarios and implement services for interactive TV/radio programs. Also provide alarms control for Intelligent Network Platform (INP), produced by Telsis Limited. Made contacts with technical support service in the United Kingdom. Record and mix audio tracks, transfer the tracks to the INP via the special utilities. As a Project Manager worked with the interactive games project on TV.

As a Programmer was involved in the development of currency rates inquiry service. The list of rates are transmited from the National Bank's Web server to the local database on MS SQL Server. ODBC drivers are used for importing data from HTML format.  Elaborated a program on PDL (language for  the INP control), that translates the INP request, initialized by caller, to the MS SQL Server service through the serial port protocol.

Participated in international conference and published the report about INP and internet interaction.

Environment: PDL, HTML, C++,  ODBC drivers, MS SQL Server, MS Office, ProTools, Windows, Mac OS


October 1995 - June 1998
ArgusSoft Company

- As a group leader developed the concept and  implemented the bridges SR-RDM<->JAM, SR- RDM<->VISUAL BASIC 5.0 between CASE  SILVERRUN and 4GL's.

- As a Programmer worked in client-server DBMS projects using CASE tools and 4GL JAM and VISUAL BASIC. Developed more than 40 screens in applications for input and browse data from Oracle SQL Server. Used version control systems PVCS and Source Safe during the work in group.

- As a technical writer developed the methodology for the Central Bank of Russia concerning the bridges CASE<->4GL adaptation.

- As a Software Technical Support Engineer worked in a distribution group of 4GL JAM 7.0. Dealed with US JAYCC firm providing necessary patches and new versions of JAM SDK for customers in Russia.

Environment:  FTP, MSVC 4.0, JAM 7.0, VISUAL BASIC 4.0, 5.0, SQL, Oracle SQL Server 7.0, MS Office, MS Source Safe,  Intersolve Data Direct, Intersolve PVCS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Sun Solaris 2.5


October 1994 - June 1995
Joint Italian-Russian Venture "TeleSoft-Russia"
Successfully finished 4 month  duration teaching program concerning C programming under UNIX and introduction in telecommunication networks.
As  a  Software Engineer in Development involved in the development of electronic mail system on UNIX platform.

Environment:  FTP, SQL, OSF Motif, Oracle SQL Server, Windows 3.11, HP-UX.


August 1984 - March 1995 Junior research fellow, Research fellow.
Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences
Published 8 articles on computer science, first of all introduced computer chess program on central TV.

- Designed and implemented databases for different applications, prototype of the specialized desktop publishing system.

- Developed system for control financial documentation of the Academy of Sciences subdivision.

- Designed computer games and teaching programs.

- Participated in SPECTR project

Environment:  MSC, Boland C 3.0, MS Windows 3.0,  Fortran,  Framework, DBMS DBaseIII, Spreadsheet SPECTR, MS-DOS.

Part-time employee:
Central Chess Club, Moscow, 09/89 - 01/92 - Leader of the programmers group. Responsible for commercial project. More than 100 packets of chess databases and software were sold.
Germes Ltd., Moscow, 05/89 - 08/90 Software Sales Manager. Successfully sold and marketed software products. User assistance.
Institute of Physical Culture, Moscow, 11/82 - 05/84 Programmer - Executed database update programs.

LANGUAGES: Speak English. Made translations of technical documentation from English to Russian.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Have a driver's licence, driving experience from 1983, licence for driving ships of small size.

REFERENCES:  Furnished upon request.